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    We are pleased to offer our Tennessee Walking Horses as an experience to be enjoyed, not just a product to sale.  Come visit us and find out for yourself why we've chosen this wonderful breed of horses! 

                              Newt & Dottie Sharp, Owners     
                                5109 Charlie Dunn Road
                                  Meridian, MS  39301

               Home:  601/482-8334        Work:  601/482-1005   

E-mail address:  dotrockins@bellsouth.net

Location:  From Hwy 45 North of Meridian, take the Marion/Russell Exit and travel East approximately 2.5 miles.  We're very easy to find.

ROCKING S FARMS was established with the purpose of raising quality Tennessee Walking Horses that would be a pleasure to own and ride.  We have dedicated ourselves to handling our Tennessee Walking Horse babies from the moment they're born as we have found this produces the results we are looking for.  Our foals are people-friendly yet respectful and responsive to their handler. 

Just for the sheer delight of it, we specialize in colorful Tennessee Walking Horses including spotted, sabino, and overo patterns, but recognize that quality babies come in all colors.  All of our Tennessee Walking Horse foals are intelligent, well-mannered, and demonstrate a true pleasure gait.  Besides that - they're downright pretty!

July 2014:  "Ivory's Arabella Gold".....TWH 20901636 -  This "Ivory Pal" grandaughter is a beautiful dapple gold filly that is a sheer pleasure to own and handle.  She began her training under saddle as a 2 yr old  with the capable guidance of Debbie Cable of Summerwind Farms in Shelbyville, TN.  "Bella" is now a 5yr old and has been extensively ridden through the rolling hills and creek bottoms of Central Mississippi.  She stands approximately 15.2 hands, has a flax mane, a mixed silver/flax tail, and a small star in her forehead.  Bella is easy to handle both on the ground and in the saddle.  She stands to be mounted and moves out easily when called on.  Bella is very people friendly and will make a lifelong companion for some lucky person.  Asking price: $3500.00          

JULY 2014:  "Ivory's Arabella Gold"